How to count calories? What do you mean by calories?

So in my previous posts, I have been talking about calories counting. This post will give you a brief idea of how calories work and you could probably give calorie counting a try after reading this.



What is a calorie?

A calorie is basically a unit of energy, denoted by kcal. It is what determines your daily energy need based on your diet and the activity you do.

How to determine your daily calorie need?

Generally, an average man would need around 2,500kcal whereas as average woman would need around 2,000kcal per day to maintain their weight.

If you would like to get a more accurate result, you can use a calorie calculator such as this. Or you can just search it up in any search engine.

So what do I do with the daily calorie numbers?

Once you have gotten your numbers, you can set a goal for yourself. If you wish to put on weight, you simply increase your daily calorie and vice versa.

Let’s say your daily maintenance calorie is at 2300kcal. I would go for an increase of about 250kcal (2550kcal) for increasing your weight or – 250kcal (2050kcal) for reducing weight. Or if you are fine with your current weight then just maintain the 2300kcal every day.

For people who wish to put on muscle, you have to keep in mind that simply working out at the gym is not enough. You also need to increase your daily calorie intake so that the extra calorie can be used to repair and build muscles.

As for those who wish to lean down or get ripped, simply decrease your daily calorie or increase your daily activity.



Is this how I count calories?


How to count calories?

Now that you have the numbers, let’s get down to how you use these numbers. Let me break it down for you.

Every food you eat, it has a calorie number to it. If you try searching for the calorie of a particular food, you will get the average number based on the weight of the food.

Here’s an example. A 32g of peanut butter gives you 200kcal. A 16g will give you 100kcal. Yes, the number of calories you get from food is based on the amount or weight of the food you put into your mouth.


Which means you probably should get yourself a mini weighing scale to track your daily calories intake. You will probably hate it at first but it will become a daily habit if you start practicing.

There is this app, My Fitness Pal, that I use to keep track of the food I eat and also my calories intake. You can probably give it a try. You simply key in the food that you eat and select the most appropriate or accurate option shown by the app.

What if I do not wish to count calories? Is there a simpler way?

Well, of course, there are always other options. One would be to simply cut down or eat more depending on your goal.

Let’s say you want to lean/ slim down, you can start by cutting out snacks from your diet. Slowly but surely you will be losing weight.

What if you’re someone who does not eat snacks and have a typical 3 meal per day diet and wants to slim down? You can start by eating less in a meal. A good example would be to cut down on the portion size for one meal.

For someone who wants to gain weight, just eat as you normally would but add in one snack meal in between. Try to stay away from junk food, though.



this looks like a good snack 😀


Something to keep in mind…

You should know that the daily calorie number that you get is merely an average number. You should adjust accordingly depending on your weight.

Make sure you weigh yourself daily to check if you are hitting your goal or not. For those who wants to slim down, decreasing by 1-2lb per week is your best bet and same goes to those who wants to put on weight.

Slimming down too fast will increase your risk to get a really loose skin and gaining weight too fast will result in you putting on more fats than muscle.

And.. if you are trying to put on weight but your weight is not increasing after a week, then you should increase your calorie again. Same goes to those who are trying to lose weight.

To conclude…

  1. Count your daily calories need
  2. Adjust your daily calories number accordingly whether you want to lose or gain weight
  3. Track the food you eat by using a ‘calorie tracker app’ or just play with the portion of food you eat.
  4. Weigh yourself every morning after you are done answering the Nature’s call.
  5. Adjust your daily calories again when your weight does not change after 1-2 weeks.


That’s about it. I hope you enjoyed this post. Hopefully, you get something useful from this post. Do leave a comment if you have any doubts. Thank you!


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