Can bodybuilders drink beer? How many? How often?

This is a continuation of the previous blog post on beer. I hope you enjoyed the previous post and find it interesting. This post will be talking about how beer can affect muscle growth. This is especially important for bodybuilders and anyone who is planning or trying to put on some muscle mass to look good or feel better.



Muscle and beer


Drinking beer suppresses muscle growth

According to research, they have found out that if you drink too much beer, protein synthesis will be suppressed. As you may know, protein is used in the body to repair and build muscle. If protein synthesis is suppressed, your muscle growth will be slowed down as well.

This is especially important for bodybuilders because the ultimate goal for them would be to grow more muscle through training and diet. 

How or why does beer suppress muscle growth?

Well, the alcohol in beer blocks muscle protein synthesis. It all depends on how much you drink. The more you drink, the greater your risk of stopping muscle growth in that particular period of time.

How much beer is too much?

According to this research, a 180 pound physically active male drinking 6-7 cans of beer after a workout, resulted in reduced rate of muscle protein synthesis.

The other group that supplemented with a scoop of whey protein had the same result as well. So… even whey protein will not be able to help you.

In another research, it was concluded that 4 cans of beer suppressed protein synthesis by 24% while 1-2 cans did not have any significant effect.

Hence, we can conclude that going beyond 2 cans is a no no. Your safest bet would be 2 and not more.





What if I drink 2 cans every day?

That would depend on the individual. We are all made differently. Generally, 2 cans per day would not have any or little effect for the majority.

If you love beer and would like to drink on a daily basis, you could try. Be sure to count your calories and make sure you have that extra 300-400 calories for the 2 cans of beer. Let’s give it a month and you see for yourself.

Your takeaway from this

Now that you know what beer does to your muscle, you should know how to drink smartly. You wouldn’t want to waste the hours you spent in the gym only to find out that they will all go to waste when you start drinking more than 2 cans of beer that night.

Here is a list of to-dos if you would still like to enjoy drinking beer:

  • 2 cans of beer should be your max per day.
  • A can of beer is around 200 calories so be sure to count that for your daily calorie intake.
  • Try to avoid drinking right after your workout.

That’s it from me today. Thank you once again for visiting. Feel free to drop a comment.



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