How many eggs should I eat per day? [Based on Research]

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Hello once again, this blog post will be sort of a continuation from my previous post about eggs. It will be about the numerous varieties of research that have been done to find out if eating eggs were really that bad.

Before I start, here are some things that you should know so that you will understand this post later on.

  • There are 2 main types of cholesterol in your body: LDL and HDL.
  • LDL is basically the bad guy that carry the fats and throw them off somewhere in your blood vessels which lead to a heart disease.
  • LDL increase your risk of heart disease. 
  • HDL is the good guy that carry the fats thrown off by LDL and send it back to your liver to be broken down.
  • Basically, the more HDL you have, the lower your risk of a heart disease.
  • Heart disease = Click Here

I will be listing the research papers one by one and do a brief and simple explanation of the results or conclusion.




Research concludes…


Adults asked to eat an additional 1 whole egg daily on top of their normal daily diet for 12 weeks, 2008

⇒ Eating an additional egg per day benefitted them!

⇒ The research states that their HDL increased while LDL had no significant changes. The eggs consumption actually decreases their risk of heart disease.

Children eating 2 whole eggs daily for 30 days, 2005

⇒ There was no increase in their cholesterol level so it is safe to have your child eat eggs on a daily basis.

Healthy elderly eating 3 whole eggs daily for 30 days, 2005

⇒ There was no increase in their risk of getting heart disease.

⇒ This research also states that both LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol increases.

  • When both LDL and HDL increase, it means that your risk of heart disease stays the same.

A group of overweight/obese men eating 3 whole eggs daily vs. the other group eating 0 cholesterol egg substitute for 12 weeks, 2008

⇒ The group that ate 3 whole eggs daily saw an increase of HDL and no change in LDL.

⇒ The other group had no change for both HDL and LDL.

⇒ So what’s the take here? Eating eggs have actually improved their health status!



just a random egg frying by…


Whole egg consumption in men and women, 1999

⇒ Consuming up to 1 whole egg daily does not have a significant impact on the risk of heart disease among healthy people.

⇒ For those who are diabetic, eating that much eggs showed a slight increase in heart disease risk.

Swedish men consuming whole eggs vs. the U.S., 2016

⇒ Apparently, consuming whole eggs did not increase the risk of diabetes in Swedish men but it did increase diabetes risk in the U.S. population.

⇒ Perhaps there are other factors in play for the U.S. population, such as eating habits and lifestyle.

Egg consumption research in Korea, 2015

⇒ Whole eggs diet among Koreans resulted in higher risk of heart disease for those on low vegetable diet and overweight/obese.

⇒ So if you are eating unhealthily and are overweight/obese, you should stay away from eggs for the time being. Consult a dietician about healthy eating and start moving. As I have said before…, for an overweight fella, normal brisk walking of 30 minutes to an hour daily is all it takes! And of course, keep track of your calories intake.

Just another whole egg consumption research, 2013

⇒ Eating up to one whole egg per day has no effect on heart disease risk.

⇒ There is, however, an increased risk for diabetic patients.

That’s about it

I guess that’s more than enough to prove that the egg myth is busted. A lot of these research concluded that eggs have no effect on the cholesterol in your body or risk of a heart disease.

So if you are a healthy individual, go ahead and consume 1 whole egg daily to reap the benefits from those nutrilicious egg yolks!

Before I end, I would like to point out that even if the research and data showed you that eating eggs daily is safe, you still need to consult your doctor especially if you have other medical conditions like diabetes. Unless you are a healthy individual, you should be extra careful.


Thank you for your time. I hope you like posts like this. Do leave a comment! It will be greatly appreciated.



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