How many eggs should I eat per day? [Based on Research] (Summary)

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Hey there! This post will be covering the numerous research about egg consumption and how they affect us.

Before that, here’s something you should know to understand the post later on.

  • LDL and HDL are 2 main types of cholesterol in your body.
  • LDL (the bad guy) –  risk of heart disease
  • HDL (the good guy) –  risk of heart disease
  • Heart disease = Click Here



How many eggs per day?



One additional whole egg daily on top of their usual diet for 12 weeks, 2008

  • Good result!
  • HDL increase while LDL is unchanged.

2 whole eggs daily fed to children for 30 days, 2005

  • No change in their cholesterol level.
  • Consuming egg every day is safe for children.

Healthy elderly consuming 3 whole eggs daily for 30 days, 2005

  • Risk of heart disease: unchanged

3 wholes eggs daily for overweight/obese men vs 0 cholesterol egg substitute group for 12 weeks, 2008

  • 3 whole eggs daily: Increase in HDL
  • 0 cholesterol egg: No change





Whole egg consumption in men and women, 1999

  • Consuming up to 1 whole egg daily: No change in heart disease risk
  • Diabetic patient: Slight ⇑ in heart disease risk

Swedish men consuming whole eggs vs. the U.S. group, 2016

  • Swedish men: No increase in diabetes risk
  • U.S. group: Increase in diabetes risk
  • Perhaps other factors are in play, such as eating habits and lifestyle.

Egg consumption research in Korea, 2015

  • For Koreans on low vegetable diet or overweight/obese: Whole eggs increase heart disease risk
  • For overweight/obese and unbalanced diet people, try to stay away from eggs or consult your doctor.
  • Get yourself moving please to earn yourself a better life. Normal brisk walking of 30minutes – 1 hour daily is a good start.

Another whole egg consumption research, 2013

  • Eating up to 1 whole egg daily: No effect on heart disease risk.
  • Diabetic patient: Increase risk.

To conclude…

Eggs aren’t that evil after all. So if you’re a healthy individual, go ahead and enjoy them eggs 😀

Eating one eggs per day is a good start.

For those who have other medical conditions especially diabetes, do consult your doctor about this and you should probably stay away from eggs as research are not encouraging it.

If you’d like to read the long post: Here


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