Egg yolks are bad! Are you sure?

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Whole Eggs or just Egg Yolks?

The Popular Belief

Egg yolks are high in cholesterol. If you eat whole eggs every day, you are going to have high blood cholesterol and you will die of heart attack! You should throw away the yolks. Just eat the egg whites!

Well, that my friend is what you hear most of the time from people who do not practice proper fitness and nutrition. Or they are just not up-to-date.

The Truth about the Egg Yolks

The high cholesterol in egg yolks will not cause high cholesterol in your blood! So go ahead and eat as much as 2 per day every day unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

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So What Happened?


History lesson…

Well, basically, in the 1950s, researchers concluded that if you consume any high cholesterol food, you will be smacked with high blood cholesterol which eventually leads to heart disease.

Eggs are one of the highly consumed food at that time especially for those in the fitness industry as it is the cheapest and easily available source of high-quality protein. Before 2016, the American Heart Association (AHA) capped the cholesterol intake at 300 milligrams per day. An egg yolk has around 180-200 milligrams of cholesterol in them.  As you can see, this is considered pretty high in those days. Hence, egg yolks are being thrown away ever since. Poor… poor… fellas.

However, recent studies have confirmed this to be totally untrue. High cholesterol food does not cause an increase in your body cholesterol level. Which is why last year, the U.S. government decided to discard the whole rubbish idea of ‘300 milligram limit on daily cholesterol intake’. Guess, it’s finally official huh? There is currently no limit to the amount of cholesterol you can take per day.

What Causes High Blood Cholesterol Then?

So if it’s not the eggs or high cholesterol food in general, what is causing it? We have to put the blame on something else right? Here are a list of the main culprits:

  • Diet rich in saturated fats – fatty beef, butter, lard, cream, etc.
  • Being a potato couch.
  • Overweight or obese.
  • Smoking.
  • Secondary causes – Diabetic, kidney or liver problems, etc…

The Nutritional Egg Yolks

Now that the myth is out of the way, here I will talk more about this new light shone on egg yolks whereby they actually bring more benefits than harm.


Get em’ eggs!

  1. Protein – This is especially important for those who wants to hit your daily protein target. Yes, egg yolks do have protein in them. A whole egg has around 7 grams of protein while the egg white itself has around 3-4 grams of protein. You can do the maths and find out how much you are losing every time you throw the yolk away.
  2. Essential vitamins and minerals – Egg yolks contains vitamin D, some vitamin Bs, folate and etc. They actually play a role in functioning of our body. Your body can only make a small amount of this stuff so it is essential that you get it from your diet. One way to do it is by savoring that egg yolk.
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids – One of the good fats that actually help in lowering your risk of a heart disease, decrease inflammation and also may protect against Alzheimer’s and dementia.

There You Have It

I probably have missed out some points here and there but you get the whole idea. Whole eggs are actually good for you! Personally, I feel like the yolk gives the egg a better taste than just swallowing egg whites.

I take as much as 5 whole eggs per day for 2 years and so far, my regular blood tests have been yielding good results. However, do consult your doctor about it first or get regular blood tests for confirmation. Everyone is different so… not everyone can take 5 whole eggs per day especially those with long-term diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. I also do a lot of sports and keep tab of my calories intake.


I will leave you with some links that you can check out to get more information on this topic:

As always, if you have anything to say about this, do leave a comment. You can also let me know what you would like to know for my next blog post! Thank you for your time!


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