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Hello, everyone! I’d like to thank you for visiting my very first blog! Since this is my first time blogging, I have sought out a very loyal and kind mentor for help, who goes by the all-time most reputable (I guess) name – Google. From there, I came across numerous blog posts that gave really good tips and guidance on “writing the first blog”.

Nonetheless, I finally settled on one particular easy-to-follow guide from a blogger who goes by the name MackCollier. I am very new to this blogging thing so I am not sure if I can openly tell you or reference the site/ author from which I got my guide. Do let me know in the comments if this is unacceptable or wrong, I will remove it as soon as I get the message.

Ok, let’s get this going. If you’d like to know what this blog will be discussing about, then please do continue reading.



Introducing FitnFork


Who am I?

You can call me Fit n Fork. I am just a regular guy who loves doing sports and has been doing it for around 7 years if I recalled correctly. Over the years, I have done a lot of different types of sports activities as well as keeping myself equipped with the ever-growing nutrition facts.

I find that sports is a thing that I enjoy passionately especially when I can see myself improving little by little and also doing things that I wouldn’t have thought I will be able to do.

I think this is quite important and I am staying anonymous for the time being because I want my posts to be pressure-less. Outside of this blog, I am quite an introvert so as of now, I’d like this blogging platform to be a place where I can bring out the inner me and talk about stuff that I’d usually keep it to myself.

I want to be able to share my knowledge freely to you all without having to restrict myself if I were to blog with my real name. I wouldn’t want to blog halfway and then think – “oh, what would friend XYZ think about me if I do this or do that?”. You know. That sort of thing. So until I gain the confidence to show myself, I really hope that you can accept my decision to be anonymous. Thank you.

Why blog?

As I have said previously, I decided to blog because this way, I can share my thoughts and knowledge about fitness and nutrition to you all. I find that most of the time if you type some keywords into any search engine to do some reading, you’ll end up with a few good and bad searches. Some might tell you stuff that is of no absolute backing or just claims made on a whim while some might be quite accurate.

Which is why I want to blog to contribute some good contents to the web as a whole. I want people to be able to come to my blog and discover truthful contents or facts that I have learned and nurtured throughout the years of my life.

Most of the time, I will read up on a lot of different websites, materials, videos before I conclude on what’s wrong or what’s right. Truth be told, at times there might be no right or wrong because there are so many ways of doing things. I admit I can be wrong sometimes and I will gladly accept any comments and questions related to that particular topic.

So what will I blog about?

It will be related to the name Fit n Fork. Fit being any sports activities that I have insights about and Fork being nutrition based (just imagine I eat everything with a fork since there’s no spoon in the name). So, it will mostly be about fitness and nutrition facts that I have encountered so far in my fitness journey. At times, I will put in stories about myself but that all depends.

I will try my best to blog often. I will do at least one blog per week (minimum). I hope you’re looking forward to my future blog posts.

Your feedback?

As I have been saying, I can be wrong sometimes so I welcome any feedback, comments, opinions, questions and etc. Just leave it in the comment section and I will do my best to reply to each of them. Your comments mean a lot and can be helpful to other readers as well so please do speak up if you have any doubts.


Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate you being here reading this. Be sure to come back for my next post!


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